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E-Data Collection Version 4 is a Web-based survey system complete with a survey builder (for on-the-fly survey creation) and survey analysis tools (for viewing survey submission results in real-time).

This full-featured ASP.NET application enables you to create surveys in a matter of minutes and generate attractive, customizable reports complete with pie-charts and bar graphs. You can also specify filters to narrow the results based on selected criteria to facilitate analysis.

Furthermore, E-Data Collection makes it easy to send out email invitations and reminders to people whom you want to have participate in your surveys.

Read on for a more complete list of features!


  • On-the-Fly Survey Builder: Create an entire survey, complete with a reporting system in minutes.
  • Reports & Pie Charts: Generate reports on survey submission results including customizable pie charts. (new)
  • Survey Collections: Better organize your surveys by grouping multiple surveys into survey collections.
  • E-mail Groups:
    • Create email distribution lists.
    • Invite email recipients to complete only surveys you want them to complete.
    • Remind invitees to take surveys who did not complete all surveys they were asked to take.
  • E-mail Composer: Create plain text or HTML e-mails using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Survey Layout Manager: Upload HTML and apply custom designs to surveys. (new)
  • Administrative Security:
    • Administrative Users manage only surveys pertaining to their respective department.
    • Assign roles to Administrative Users determining who can view reports, create surveys, or publish surveys.
  • Test Data: While logged in as an administrator, submit surveys to create test data to preview reports.
  • Survey Security::
    • Allow survey takers to submit the survey only once or an unlimited number of times.
    • Determine type of security to apply to survey collections (Cookies, IP Tracking, Email Invitations, or none)
    • Set the date range for which the Survey will be active.
  • Survey Logos: Easily upload and apply an image to appear on a survey.
  • Survey Organization:
    • Sections: Organize survey questions into sections.
    • Multi-Page Surveys: Paging options allow you to choose between a single page layout or a multipage layout which inserts page breaks between sections. (new)
    • Multi-Response: Assign multiple response types to a single question. E.g., The question, “What is the city and state in which you reside” may have two fields – one text field for the user to enter the city name and one dropdown list to select the state.
    • Progress Indicators: Multi-page surveys may display progress bars (where each bar represents a page) to indicate to the survey-taker how far along in the process they are currently at. Width and bar colors are customizable. (new)
    • Answer Matrices: Create Answer Matrices for groups of questions.
    • Comment Boxes: Allow users to enter optional comments for questions with other response types. E.g., The question, “Do you enjoy working at ABC Bank? (If you answer “no,” please explain.)” will have a “yes/no” radiobutton list as well as a comments field.
    • Field Validation: Specify which response fields are required fields.
    • Form Controls: Specify input control types for each response type, including single response controls (e.g., dropdownlists) or multiple response controls (e.g., checkboxes).
      • Textboxes
      • Radiobuttons
      • Dropdown lists
      • Checkboxes (new)
      • Calendar controls – two to choose from (new)
      • E-mail control (validates input)
    • Specify your own custom JavaScript for response controls.
    • Use data from external sources (i.e., another database on the server) to populate dropdownlists with answer options.
  • Data Analysis:
    • Search Filters: Filter report results by date and, optionally, by question responses (i.e., determine custom filters to use as criteria for generating reports).
    • Reporting: Multiple report views (to display comments, raw scores, question averages, section averages, text answers, or any combination of the above).
    • Views: View reports averaging results collectively or view reports on individual survey submissions one by one.
    • Intuitive: Detailed Reports produce a visual representation of response value averages (by question and by section).
    • Pie Charts: Pie Chart view allows you to customize the display (new):
      • Rotate Pie charts
      • Resize the graphics
      • Show or hide the legend
      • Show or hide slice labels and percentages
      • Displace a slice for emphasis
      • Display by section, question or the entire survey.
  • Copy Surveys: Copy the entire structure of a survey to base an all new survey on an existing one with just a few clicks. (new)
  • Print Reports: Easily toggle reports between “Printer Friendly” and “Web Friendly” versions to print only what you need. (new)
  • Ease of Use: Requires no coding; simply install the database and web application and begin building surveys.
  • Customizable: Customizable: With the purchase of the source code version you can make modifications to fit your specific requirements.
The E-Data Collection application was designed and tested with the following software and, as such, the following serve as the product's requirements:
  • .NET Framework Version 2.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
In addition to the above required software, the following is recommended (but not necessary):
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (for viewing documentation)
  • Visual Studio 2008 (if you are purchasing source code to make modifications)
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