how casino games online change the Australian landscape

Australian Casino Games Online

There are two types of casino players: Those who want to play for a special occasion from time to time, and those who have made casino gaming a lifestyle. As different as these two types are, and even if there are still a lot of casino players in between, they all have one fact in common: they have to know the rules of the games inside out! Because nobody goes to the casino to lose. Everyone wants to win the big jackpot. This is also possible if you make a smart visit to the casino or a virtual trip to the online casino. For this, you need the following rules:

Get to Know the Online Casino Games!

On this page, we would like to introduce you to the most popular online casino games that you will encounter in the casino. Among them you will find the usual suspects and classics that you have already encountered in films and series: Roulette Online, Baccarat Online, and Blackjack Online and many, many more – as well as practical tips, rules, and chances.

Learn the Rules of the Online Casino Games that Interest You!

Of course, you can just do a little “learning by doing” and get started right away. However, you’ll soon be angry about the money you’ve lost. Therefore, we recommend that you read the rules first and understand the mission of the game. This way, you can avoid making big mistakes and concentrate on getting a feel for the game right from the start. Once you’ve got that, it’s very easy to test different variations of the game and notice the differences.

Use the best Strategies for Online Casino Games!

Last but not least, there are strategies in gambling that have proven their worth. Of course, we will also explain these strategies to you on the respective subpages of the games, so that you can go into the game with confidence. The strategies require little or no effort, depending on the game, but they are guaranteed to help minimize your losses.

Live Gaming

A good online casino nowadays also includes a wide range of live casino games. This means you can stream directly to a table and be guided through the game by a real dealer. Live Roulette and Live Blackjack are particularly popular here, as these online casino games are most likely to have something of a live dealer.

No Download Casino Games

Anyone who has been playing online casinos many years ago will remember the days when you had to download and install online casino games on your computer before you could even start playing.

This was the case for several years until Flash was developed and online casino games could be played directly in the browser, so-called instant gaming. Online casino games without downloads are well known and popular today because you don’t have to be afraid of a virus or other harmful software. After a few years, however, Flash quickly ceased to be the leading software for online casino games without downloads and relinquished its rank to HTML5 casino games. Using HTML5, the heavy Flash plug-in was removed from the computer and no longer needed. HTML5 runs directly in the browser and is also faster than Flash. Especially with mobile casino games, HTML5 is a saviour: not every mobile phone could download Flash, which is why not every online casino could play games on the mobile phone. Thanks to HTML5, this problem no longer exists!

Win Chances at Casino Games

Win chance and win probability are perhaps two of the most important words in online casino games; at least for casino players. But both are about the same thing: how high is the probability or chance to win at the casino game. This also directly includes the house advantage, which we have just mentioned.

Calculation of Probability

Let’s look at an example of the calculation for a slot machine:

In a slot with 3 reels and 20 symbols, the possibility of all combinations is around 8,000.

The probability can be calculated as follows: 1/8,000 x 100% = 0.125%.

A 5-reel slot with 20 symbols again has 3,200,00 combinations.

In the same calculation this results as follows: 1/3.200.000 x 100% = 0.00003125%.

As you can see, the calculation of the probability changes not only with combination possibilities but also with the game itself. For Roulette, Blackjack or Lotto, for example, you have to use another calculation to show the chances of winning.

House advantages of different online casino games

If you’re new to the online casino – or even to a casino – you’ll soon notice that you have to include a house advantage in your chances of winning when playing online casino games that involve skill or strategy.

But what is a house advantage? The house advantage describes the advantage of the house – i.e. the casino – has in a casino game. This is displayed as a percentage and thus deducted from a bet or winnings so that the casino earns anything at all from your game.

Of course, depending on the game, there is a different house advantage and thus other tips and tricks to keep this low. Here you can find out which online casino games have a house advantage and which are very low: Top 10 casino games with the lowest house advantage.

RTP – Return to Player

The house advantage and the chances of winning – which we will explain in more detail below – naturally also include the RTP, which is repeatedly stated in online casino games. Briefly translated, it describes the payout ratio for the player. Thus if the RTP of a slot machine lies with 96%, receives one with a bet of altogether 100 dollars approximately 96 dollars back. Depending on the game and luck, it can, of course, be more or less.

Online Casino Game Payout Rate
Slots Between 95% – 99
Roulette Between 92 % – 98
Blackjack Between 98% – 99
Video Poker Between 98% – 99

Video Poker at the Online Casino

Video poker may not be the best game for real poker fans, but for those who prefer to play poker fast and don’t want to compete against other players, it’s perfect. It’s basically a slot that just doesn’t work with reels, but, as the name suggests, with poker. You bet chips and can win with your hand or lose against the computer. Video Poker is also one of the best online casino games for practicing poker and poker conversation.

Recognizing Security and Fairness in Online Casino Games

Fairness is required above all in online casino games, while security is more part of the whole package of a casino. Ultimately, however, you always want to come across a safe and reputable casino with fair online casino games. It’s easy to see how to recognize them. It’s about recognizing security and fairness.

Casino License

Most importantly, the online casino has an official casino license from a regulatory body. For German players, this must come from a gaming authority. No online casino can offer online casino games without an official license.

Secure and Fast Connections

Whether you play video poker, roulette, slot machines or any other online casino game, a secure connection guarantees no interference from third parties, and if it is fast, you also have a game without pauses or errors. Once an online casino has an HTTPS (https://) in the URL bar, it is a secure casino.

Random Generator

Online casino games are still games of chance, which is why they all have a built-in random generator that spins the reels or wheels and stops them randomly. That this also happens with every online casino game and nothing is manipulated, you can rely either on the developer, the casino itself, or even independent institutions that check the games.

Online Casino Games: Tips and Tricks

Depending on the game, we have also put together the best tips and tricks for you. We always explain the best variant of a game and what you can expect for payouts and probabilities. Some games are not offered everywhere. We’ll tell you if it’s worth searching. We’ll also explain which casino payment options are available, which make sense and which are simply too expensive.

In online gambling you can win a lot of money – that’s quite clear, and that’s why most of them are here. But we also want to teach you how to have fun in online casinos all the time. The best games promise a happy medium of fun and reward. But players also need variety, so the big game software providers often bring out new games, which of course we don’t want to withhold from you. By the way, there are only a handful of casino software providers on the Internet – including MicroGaming, NetEnt, and Merkur. This software can be found at different casinos in the same form again and again so that many casinos have similar or even identical games on offer.

There is one basic rule that you should not forget when choosing online casino games: if the game is only fun if you bet money, then maybe you should look around again. The best and most popular games can also be gambled for free – casino games for free because they are entertaining and exciting. These include Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and a few other candidates we recommend. The money and the jackpot are always the icings on the cake: that’s why we’re keen to tell you exactly how to master a game in the long run. Promise! There are some (supposed) strategies and systems in Roulette. What this is all about and whether these systems really bring something, we explain on specially designed pages.

Why do we Play Casino Games?

Whether games are based on chance, money, or video technology, they all create excitement and strong sensations and trigger multiple reactions in the central nervous system of our brain. Depending on the situation, so-called neuron stransmitters are released by the neurons. These influence the player’s behaviour and intentions.

Intoxicating Endorphin

Enthusiasm – for example, after winning a video game or a jackpot – triggers the release of endorphin in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. This molecule, which belongs to the family of opiates (such as heroin or opium), causes a feeling of well-being. For example, a large amount of endorphin is released during orgasm. A player’s greatest motivation is not winning, but the desire to relive the intoxicating effect. By the way, you can also get excited about games away from online casinos. For the Playstation there is, for example, its own Pokerspiel, which can intoxicate.

It’s All about Adrenaline

Let’s look at the example of a player who puts a more or less large part of the money he has just won in roulette back into play at the roulette table. This delicate situation releases adrenaline into the central nervous system. As the ball bounces from number to number, this molecule is responsible for a number of physical reactions in the player: heart rhythm accelerates, blood pressure rises, and pupils dilate. Adrenaline stimulates the player physically and psychologically to get through this stressful situation. The player is then ready to face what is at stake when the ball stops.

Dopamine Starts Early

Another neurotransmitter, the precursor of adrenaline, is dopamine. This element plays a very important role because all sensory perception goes back to this chemical substance. Research has shown that dopamine plays a key role in the ndollarsnal reward cycle. It enables pleasant experiences to be repeated.

Dopamine stimulates the body comprehensively, and the special thing about it is that it works in advance. This means that a player who is ready to play his first game of Blackjack will release dopamine even before he has started. This, in turn, means that he feels comfortable even before the game starts. So the brain connects the forthcoming practice of the game with a predictable satisfaction.

These natural substances, which are present in our bodies and affect players in the casino or at home on the computer, remind us of chemical products and drugs that can be addictive. This is why people have to watch themselves every time they look for happiness, be it through games, sports, or other leisure activities. Only in this way can we determine in time whether our hobbies are drifting into irresponsible areas.

Our Conclusion

Casino games should be practiced in moderation and extremely responsibly. If we keep in mind that these games are for entertainment, casino games are an excellent way to have an exciting experience.