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E-Data Collection Survey Engine consists of the front-end (surveys and related pages) and the backend admin tool (survey builder). To get a complete understanding of and appreciation for all the features and functionality the survey engine has to offer, we recommend downloading and reviewing the User Guide above.

Before launching the online demo, please note the following:
  • While you may view all objects (such as surveys and designs) in the admin screens, you may not delete or modify certain objects that were created for the demonstration. You may, however, create your own surveys and survey elements.
  • Although you may view user info for all users, you may not deactivate or modify the user accounts listed on the login form. You may however, create new user accounts, and modify them as you please.

Click the following links to launch the demo application:

  • Administration: The administration tool used to generate surveys, compose and send emails and view reports.
  • Survey Index: Lists all the available surveys. Click on a survey name to take the survey.
  • Sample Survey: Take a sample survey.

We welcome you to try out the E-Data Collection Survey Engine Version 4 with our online demo. But, to get the most out of it, we encourage you to download and review the User Guide to get a fuller understanding of how to work the tool and utilize all the functionality that it features.

The following documents are available in PDF format only. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or do not wish to install it, you can use one of the many free online conversion tools.

A Web version is also available for the Survey System User Guide


E-Data Collection ver. 4.0 Software Licenses:

Important: Before purchasing this software, you must agree that you understand the system requirements and that the server(s) on which the application will run satisfies those requirements. (You may try the software prior to purchase to verify compatability.) You must also accept the license agreement. You can also review our support policy.

ScalesUnsure which license to get? Compare licenses.

License Name * Key Benefits Cost Checkout
Standard License Unlimited Web sites in a single organization $149 Cart Buy
Enterprise License Unlimited Web sites PLUS Source Code $499 Cart Buy
Redistribution License Royalty-Free Redistribution PLUS Source Code $1,199 Cart Buy

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