Choose from the categories below to find more .NET goodies to assist development, facilitate productivity, and help your company flourish. The products listed in this section are provided by various software publishers in the eSellerate Affiliate Network.

.NET Applications
While you may think your company's software requirements are unique, chances are the software you're going to develop yourself is already being sold on the Web for much less than it would cost you to build it from the ground up.  A full-fledged application can require one or more months for a team of developers to build.  How much will you save by shopping around first?  If you don't find software that completely fits your specs, rest assured that you can often purchase source code so you can tailor it to your specific needs. 
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Project Management Systems
Project Management SoftwareProject Management Software is a common need of many businesses, small and large.  Such software facilitates communication and understanding among those involved in projects and ensures streamlined handling of tasks such that projects are completed on time and within budget. In so doing, a Project Management System pays for itself.
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Content Management Systems
A Content Management System, or CMS, enables you to create, edit, manage and publish Web content in a consistently organized fashion. Features may include: definition of workflow tasks, assigning roles, WYSIWYG editing and publishing Web content without requiring any knowledge of HTML or programming languages from its users.
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Reporting and Charts
Charts for Windows FormsCollect data and organize it in a meaningful way with reporting tools and components. Represent your raw data in an easy-to-understand graphical format using visually appealing charts - from the common line, bar and pie charts to annular and doughnut charts.  The applications for graphs and charts are limitless; and, your users will be ever grateful for them.
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Code Editors and Code Generators
Code Editors enable you to develop applications with relative ease - intelligently suggesting code syntax and practically writing documention for you. Many choose to use non-standard code editors instead of, or in conjunction with, common IDE's like Visual Studio, to enjoy better ease of use and speed.  Code Generators can often write fully functional code for you effortlessly.
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Controls & Tools
Server controls encapsulate a piece of functionality not inherently offered by the .NET controls, and can be reused in any of your applications.  Again, the goal here is to simplify developers' jobs and shorten turnaround time.  The developer tools also facilitate quick and easy development by streamlining the most common, tedious tasks so that developers can spend more time working on the "guts" of their applications -- i.e., the fun stuff.
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