In addition to the products offered on this site, we develop custom applications to client specifications. Whether you want us to customize the Formulator.NET or E-Data Collection to your specific needs, or develop entirely new applications from the ground up, we offer competitively priced, top-notch design and development services.

Our aim is to design and develop robust, attractive applications and accompanying documentation that will ensure ease of use.

We know how important it is to communicate with our clients from the beginning to the end of the development process to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds client expectations.  We also make the work-in-progress available to you while your project is in development so that you can rest assured that the project is moving along as planned.

Some of the applications we've developed include the following:

  • JMS (job management system) for online medical transcription services
  • CMS (content management systems) for Internet companies
  • Employee Performance Tracking System
  • Project Management tools for controling business workflow.
  • Loaner Reservation System.
  • Web Directory Software (CMS)
  • And much more...

Whether your development needs involve customizing the E-Data Collection or FormulatorNET systems, setting up a simple Access database to organize your small business' data, or a full-fledged Web application for managing online content, we can help.

Please let us know how we can be of service to you by submitting the Contact Form with a description of your project specifications. We will contact you to discuss the project in greater detail and provide you with a quote. Remember to include your phone number with the best times to reach you.

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