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Roles & Accounts

The Admin Tool implements role-based security. Each role has certain rights, and when multiple roles are assigned to a user account, the least restrictive rights apply. The roles are as follows:

The business analyst is able to generate reports for his department on any and all of the surveys that have live data – that is, data which is not test data created by other administrators when they were building their surveys.

This user may create new survey collections and surveys for his department. When the author creates a collection or survey, he is automatically the Owner of that collection or survey. If another user created a collection, the Survey Author may nevertheless create new surveys belonging to that collection. This is because the Survey Author cannot publish a survey. Likewise, the author may not delete the surveys or collections he creates. In addition to creating surveys and collections, the author may also create new Answer Groups to use with surveys.

The Survey Author may edit any of his collections, surveys, or answer groups as long as he remains the Owner and the collections or surveys are not published. (The author may not edit his own answer groups if other administrators created surveys that utilize the answer group in question.)

Finally, the author may view Demo Reports with test data. When an administrator is logged into the Admin Tool, previews a survey, and submits it, the responses are considered test data. Therefore, Demo Reports offer the author and publisher a way to simulate the reports without viewing the actual results ("Live Data"). If a user should have all the rights of a Survey Author but at the same time be able to view "Live Data", the user should be assigned both roles: Survey Author and Business Analyst.

A Survey Publisher may create new survey collections, surveys, answer groups (response options), create new sources for answer groups, create designs and upload images to be assigned to surveys. This user may also edit the same, whether or not he is the Owner. The publisher may also activate or deactivate surveys. When a survey or collection is activated it is live (i.e., "published" on the internet or intranet). The publisher may also transfer Ownership of answer groups and surveys to other authors (i.e., reassign work to an author who did not create the survey initially).

Unlike the Author, the Publisher may edit surveys that are Live. He may also delete survey collections, surveys, and images, or purge a survey’s test data from the database.

Additionally, the Publisher may create e-mail groups, add e-mail addresses to the groups, compose and send e-mail invitations and reminders.

Like the Author, the Publisher may only view Demo Reports, and may not generate reports on "Live Data" If a user should have all the rights of a Survey Publisher but at the same time be able to view "Live Data", the user should be assigned both roles: Survey Publisher and Business Analyst.

The Department Admin has the combined rights of Survey Publisher and Business Analyst in addition to the right to Manage User Accounts. In other words, the Department Admin has full rights to perform all functions within his department. In addition to those rights listed for the publisher and analyst, the Department Admin can create new user accounts, assign roles to new users, activate and deactivate users, and specify the department’s index layout. This user may not, however, modify his own roles. Once a Department Admin, always a Department Admin (unless another Department Admin or Master Admin deactivates or modifies his account).

Since the Department Admin may view reports on either "Test Data" or "Live Data" and has full control over surveys, combining this role with others would have no effect whatsoever.

The Master Admin differs from Department Admins in just one respect: While Department Admins have full control over their respective departments, the Master Admin has full control over all departments and, in fact, is the only type of user who can create and manage other departments. Master Admin accounts can belong to the [Default] department only.

*NOTE: This user guide assumes the perspective of Department Admin, except where otherwise noted.

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